Being a mom of two and a business owner has definitely made my life a busy one. Some days people ask me how I do it? How can I run a gym, be a wife, and raise my boys? Honestly my response is that God blessed me with the most amazing children in the world. Not only did he give me Noah and Matthew, but he provides me the strength I need day to day and energy to do what I do. Everyone who knows us and belongs to LYFE understands my passion for my boys and kids. We all enjoy the kids working out with us from time to time, especially the mothers who attend. It brings great joy to us to see how great we are influencing our little ones about health and fitness. I am honored to train such amazing souls, and parents who also appreciate this joyfulness in their children. There honestly is no greater gift. Lyfe Fitness Bootcamp offers a FREE child area where your little one can play or watch movies while your workout. 

Some days in the month we have a kids workout event, and we encourage all the little ones to attend. This is there time to shine, and show us that they are truly watching us KICK BUTT. 


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